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With over 14 years of experience, Yadira Miller has captured well over a thousand families special moments. She has photographed countless prestigious weddings including those of politicians, judges, business executives, CEO's, religious leaders, activist, doctors, lawyers, & social media influencers. 



Yadira is a Bakersfield native that was raised by immigrant parents. She fell in love with love at a young age through art, music, & poetry. From that inspiration, Yadira always wanted to create art with love as the central theme. 

She began doing photography at the age of 14 and was mentored by local published and award winning      photographers for 3 years. By the age of 17, she moved to North Hollywood where she was taught and mentored by high end fashion photographers who worked for Vogue,  Vanity Fair, Style Magazine, Elle, and more. 

Ninety-Nine Photography began as a side project in 2014 where Yadira would focus solely on lifestyle and wedding portraiture. The theme of love is what truly made her business successful and nominated for countless awards in Kern County from 2018-2022. Her work has been published in various magazines, blogs, and shared on wedding platforms.  


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IV. portrait sessions begin at $900

III. family & lifestyle sessions begin at $300

II. engagement sessions begin at $500

I. wedding collections begin at $2500

Telling your love story with intentionality. Using elements of editorial photography and combining them with the theme of love to capture your memories with a unique perspective. I'm there to help direct you and make you feel comfortable being in the spotlight and capturing beautiful memories to look back on for a lifetime.


more kind words

kind words

- Emily & Jacob

"Yadira is by far the BEST photographer to work with in the Bakersfield area! She is so fun to be around and makes the whole experience memorable!" 

- Elisa & Abel

"Yadira is just absolutely amazing, her work is just so perfect to my eyes, super professional, she’s the sweetest, she has so much talent that reflects in her work. It was such a pleasure having you as my photographer not only for my wedding as well for my family pictures you made is so easy and so fun!" 

- Jhai and Jacob

"I love Yadira! Not only does she produce amazing work but she makes you feel so calm in the midst of wedding day jitters! We love her so much she is now our family photographer!"

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